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FALL 2023

After becoming established in the fitness industry in Los Angeles and working with many artists, writers, producers, and directors, we recognized the need for maintainable fitness in creative industries.


Time is valuable and it’s often the lack of that gets in the way of maintaining health and fitness. We take what time you have and develop a program around it, so that you can sustain it long term. The great part is, time will never be an excuse again, you have the freedom to workout when you want in your own space, adjust things on the fly, and will always be held accountable.


It’s not a fancy diet, or a kill yourself in the gym, or a lose fat overnight mentality. We focus on taking lasting steps to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


AT Performance Fitness is the creatives one-stop shop for improved work, life, and fitness performance. Our remote coaching programs give you the guidance and tools you need to stay fit, healthy, and performing at your best in all areas of life.


Our mission is to help you holistically improve your lifestyle via technology for optimal performance in life


Our programs are designed in phases to ensure you are challenged as your body adapts and your capacity for more awesomeness grows. We believe training is a process, not a prescription. Our goal is to use both our minds together to develop a strategy to help you reach your goals and maintain optimal performance in life.

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