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Our programs are designed for creative professionals, by creative professionals.
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The brainchild of an illustrator and a personal trainer / nutrition coach who, while training studio teams and working through their own creative blocks, discovered a common enemy of creative outputs: the wrong inputs. Great work came more naturally as they learned to approach their brains and bodies differently - leading them to design programs to strengthen the mind and body in service of creative outputs. 

Alex Trickel has been teaching in the health industry for over 10 years. She has her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and Health and is a certified personal trainer, trigger point therapist, nutritionist, and running coach. She focuses on coaching clients towards optimal life/work balance, stress management, healthy cooking, mindfulness, posture awareness, and habit change. 



Matthew Trickel is a visual developer and illustrator specialized in creating key art, as well as designing the initial message and feel behind projects. His primary focus is in digital painting, but also integrates traditional media and 3D. With a background in fitness, psychology, and meditation, he loves drawing parallels between the disciplines. 


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