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Our Services

1 on 1

  • Live video sessions

  • In app remote workout assignments

  • Nutrition & recovery coaching 

  • Progress tracking

  • Regular check ins


  • In app workout plan 

  • Weekday text check ins

  • Exercise form reviews 

  • 30 min monthly video call 

  • Nutrition coaching 

  • Progress tracking

Small Group Training

  • Live video sessions 2-4 people

  • Option for in app remote workout assignments

  • Option for nutrition & recovery coaching 

  • Progress tracking 

1 on 1 Training 

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What to expect during sessions

Each session is an hour long and includes about 10 minutes exploring nutrition, as well as any lifestyle factors that may be influencing progress. 50 minutes will be spent on strength training, stretching, foam rolling, and conditioning.

Workout assignments & progress tracking

Workout assignments to do in between sessions as well as habits to practice will all be programmed into our app. We'll track progress in the app too, things like weight, body measurements, strength gains, and consistency with habits and workouts. 

Accountability that works for you

We'll figure out the best frequency for text message check ins between our sessions together to ensure you are staying on track each step of the way. 



Meet with your coach 1-4 times per week via Google Meet from anywhere or in person in the Mill Creek, Washington area. 


Remote Coaching

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How it works 

To kick things off, we'll meet for a 30 minute video session to understand how your body is currently functioning and come up with your fitness and nutrition game plan. From there you will complete your monthly program on your own using our app.

Accountability & form reviews

Each time you workout or complete your food journal, we'll get a notification and be able to check in regularly with you to make sure things are going smoothly. Each workout will come with exercise demonstration videos so you'll always know what to do. If you are not confident in your form, you can shoot us a video and we'll review it and send you notes on how to improve. 

Progress Tracking

Progress will be conveniently tracked in our app with the ability to upload weight, measurements, and photos. 

Extra support when needed 

At the end of each month, if you need extra support, we'll schedule a 30 minute video or phone call to ensure you keep progressing towards your goals. 

If you enjoy working out on your own, but want to follow a handmade plan and communicate regularly with your coach, this route is for you. 

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Small Group Training 

Have a few friends, family, or co-workers you want to workout with but don't live near? This is a fun route to feel a sense of comradery and still reap the benefits of personalized workouts! 

How it works

You'll meet with your coach and 2-4 others for hour long sessions 1-4 times per week. Often clients also train 1-on-1 outside of the small group sessions to get the most out of their program. 

What to expect during sessions

Workouts include strength training, stretching, foam rolling, and conditioning. It doesn't matter if you are at different levels, we'll find ways to meet each person where they are at and ensure the workout hits just right for everyone. 


Additional things we can focus on

You have the option to add on usage of our app and do workout assignments on your own as well as dive into nutrition coaching. 

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