Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support do I get?

You will be able to contact us via our training platform app whenever you have questions or comments. Weekly check in emails will be done once per week for accountability and to make any changes with your program. You can always email us if you have an emergency.

Do you offer in person training?

Yes, I train clients out of a private gym in Hollywood, California. If you are interested in training in person, please email me more information on your current routine and goals to get started.

What happens after I complete the 12 week program?

You will continue to achieve results! After you complete your 12 week program, you will switch into a monthly program and payment cycle. You will be able to discontinue at anytime.

Do I need to have a gym membership to do your program?

You don’t need a gym membership for our programs. We will design your program to fit your lifestyle and in accordance with the tools you have available.

What happens if I miss a workout?

No stress if you miss a workout, sometimes life happens! You will be able to reschedule your workouts on your in app calendar if necessary.

How is payment processed?

Payment is processed on a monthly billing cycle through PayPal.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Sustainable results take time, so patience is key! But, you should notice small incremental changes in your body each week. Nothing big and maintainable happens over night, but as long as you stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition programs, you’ll get there!

Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, we have programs for clients of all fitness levels. Our workouts come with detailed exercise descriptions and videos, so you’ll learn what you need to do and how to carry out good form.

Do I need to live in the United States?

No, we coach clients all over the world!

I have an injury. Is this still for me?

We are not medical doctors and we cannot help with injury diagnosis. Please seek medical attention before starting a new program and email us directly to discuss your injury. It is very difficult to work with injuries without training in person, so this may not be the best route for you while you are healing.

How will my trainer monitor my workouts?

We will get an alert every time you sign in to complete a workout and will oversee your progress as you get stronger each week. Any changes that need to be made with your program can be done on a weekly basis with our check in emails.

How will my trainer correct my exercise form?

You will be sent a video and description of each exercise to ensure you understand exactly what to do. If you are unsure of your form or would like a critique, you can attach a video of you completing the exercise with your weekly check in email.

How will I communicate with my trainer?

We will catch up on a weekly basis. The first two weeks of your program, we will do a weekly 15 minute phone call to talk about your program. In the beginning, you may have more questions than usual and phone calls will ensure you are comfortable with everything. After the first two weeks, we will switch to weekly email check-ins. You will always be able to message us via your personal training app and we will get back to you the same day.

How often will my trainer check in with me?

We will check in with you once a week to keep you on track and continue to update your program as your body starts to adapt and get stronger.

How will my trainer measure my progress?

Progress will be measured in multiple ways. You will upload your body weight, circumference measurements, and progress photos into your personal training app. Your workout and nutrition progress will also be charted as well as graphed to directly show your body getting stronger and leaner!

How can I eat my favorite foods and still lose fat?

Fat loss comes from consuming less calories than you are expending. Some foods are triggers to overeating/binging and should be avoided while trying to lose fat. However, complete deprivation of some fun foods usually doesn’t last long and can actually make following a nutrition plan impossible. We strive to make nutrition as maintainable as possible to fit your food preferences and make it easier for you to enjoy foods you love from time to time.

How customized is this training program?

Each client has different goals and body types, so each program is personalized to meet individual needs. We spend time during our initial Skype consultation getting to know you, how your body moves, muscular imbalances, nutrition needs, and prescribing what will work best for your body and lifestyle.

Is my trainer a real person?

Yes, your trainer is a real person! Technology is a great way to keep us connected, but no robots on the other end, we’re still human!

What happens if I have a planned vacation?

We will make sure you are able to stay on track while traveling and provide you with workouts to do in hotels, at the beach, or wherever your ventures may take you.