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There are a multitude of health habits that can influence your work- we spend an hour discussing it all. We’ll start the conversation by investigating your current habits as well as your roadblocks both physically, mentally, and in your creative process. As we progress, we’ll uncover your goals and break them down into doable actionable steps. And you’ll leave with a written road map to kick start your health centric adventure! 


Factors we can navigate:

-Workouts and daily movement

-Tension, stress, and anxiety

-Sleep hygiene and work/exercise recovery cycles

-Food and nutritional habits

-Energy levels throughout the day

-Desk ergonomics and posture


This is a great option if you are unsure which direction to take with your fitness, your food, how to manage your stress, or feel like you have zero time for any of it! 


One hour consultation $150. 


Watch our video about how we build a road map- 

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