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A twelve week program to supercharge your body and brain- for individuals and small groups. We’ll build your program together- workouts, eating habits, and some attention on all the little factors that impact not only your health, but your work. 


Each one hour session will unfold with45 minutes of exercise including strength training, mobility work, and cardiovascular training. 15 minutes will be solely dedicated to exploring all the other important areas of your lifestyle. We’ll take progressive steps together to ensure you feel, function, focus, and look, your best. If you have strength/muscle gain or fat loss goals, we can address those too.


Areas we’ll put energy into:

  • Workouts, both in session and written instructions for you to do solo

  • Daily movement and mobility practices

  • Tension relief and posture improvement

  • Food and nutritional habits for specific goals and to just feel good! 

  • Sleep hygiene and work/exercise recovery cycles

  • Stress, anxiety, and energy balance

  • Desk ergonomics


We'll see each other virtually 1-3x per week. But if you're in Los Angeles I do have limited availability at various parks and outdoor spaces in the Studio City area as well as Mid-City/South LA. 

Step one is a 20 minute 'get to know each other' call!

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