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Alex Trickel

Founder and CEO of Atvolve Wellness


I am the CEO and founder of Atvolve Wellness, a mind and movement-centered wellness company. (I believe) if you can prove to yourself that you can physically evolve for the better, you open your mind to how the rest of your life can positively change too.


My journey began teaching group fitness classes while studying Kinesiology and running marathons. I learned very quickly my love for working with groups, especially the thrill in losing my voice over the microphone and began managing gyms and teaching classes at multiple Kosama Total Body Transformation locations across Iowa. This path cartwheeled into the corporate wellness arena, designing health programs for T. Rowe Price and coaching marathon beginners in Colorado.


Soon after came personal training, getting up close and personal with people was the natural next step. Here I got a taste of what behavior change is truly about and how each person can be extremely unique and of course awesome in their own ways. I trained clients at a well known corporate gym in Hollywood, 24 Hour Fitness, before going private and starting my own health coaching business. At the time, I went by Rhythm & Grit, but a handful of years later, after realizing absolutely no one could spell ‘Rhythm’, I re-named to Atvolve Wellness.

Coming full circle, we have expanded into office wellness and have a wonderful team of practitioners offering mind and movement-centered services to our corporate clients here in Los Angeles. To stay curious and never stop learning, that’s always my goal. I spend everyday collaborating, coaching, and learning from others to continue guiding people in the direction of their greatness.


Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health from Iowa State University

The human body is fascinating. The way it moves, digests, recovers, thinks, feels, there’s so much to be discovered and understand to function at your best. 


National Academy of Sport Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

NASM is a world renown certification program that provides in depth education to train anyone ages 9 to 99. I apply a science based approach when creating fitness programs for efficient pain free results. Each program includes facets of aerobic exercise, including cardio and endurance, as well as anaerobic exercise, including strength, resistance, and power movements.


Trigger Point Myofascial Release Techniques Certified

We all get tension and muscle knots from time to time. If left unchecked, these issues can cause muscular imbalances and chronic pain. Understanding how to identify and release trigger points and tension is the name of the game to keep your body functioning and performing the way you want it to long-term.


Online Trainer Certified (OTC) via The Online Trainer Academy

The Online Trainer Academy is a world class academy teaching the business systems, marketing, and service for a successful online training business. I coach clients online the same way I coach them in person. Individual programs to fit your body, your lifestyle, and your goals, on your time.


Precision Nutrition PN1 Certified

Precision Nutrition is the world's top nutrition academy, teaching the art and science of nutrition coaching. No fancy diets here, I coach nutrition through establishing healthy habits and taking small steps to achieve big results. 

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