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Fitness designed for you, with you. 

Build the most important partnership for your health

Online Personal Training 

A demonstration of lower abdominal activation.

A clear, focused road to success 

Atvolve fitness and nutrition programs meet you at your starting line. Whether you're a exercise novice, bouncing back from injury, or craving a fitness upgrade, we've got your back with a handcrafted plan to elevate your performance.

Your goals, experience, equipment, schedule, food preferences, sleep, and stress levels are all taken into account when mapping out your program. Your plan is designed through a whole person health lens, considering all aspects that make you function at your best.

We help you remain on track even when life gets a little nutty. Your program can be conveniently done from home, the gym, and while traveling; you’ll never have to skip a beat. 






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Choose Your Program

1 on 1

  • Live video sessions

  • In app remote workout assignments

  • Nutrition & recovery coaching 

  • Progress tracking

  • Regular check ins


  • In app workout plan 

  • Weekday text check ins

  • Exercise form reviews 

  • 30 min monthly video call 

  • Nutrition coaching 

  • Progress tracking

Small Group Training

  • Live video sessions 2-4 people

  • Option for in app remote workout assignments

  • Option for nutrition & recovery coaching 

  • Progress tracking 

In person training available in
Mill Creek, WA and Los Angeles, CA

Some exciting stuff will happen in your body & mind

Old injuries, stronger running!
Huge improvements in sleep!
2 month progress!
Results via easily traveling with heavy bags!
Progress via loose fitting clothes!
A bump in daily mood!
Fitting a workout into a busy schedule!
The deeper work on mindset and self compassion
A successful first 5k!
Thriving in life!
A healthy mindset shift!
Working out hard and feeling great despite autoimmune disease!
Working out even on the hardest days!

Strength & Flexibility are Superpowers

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The name of the game is MOBILITY; your ability to move freely and with ease.


It affects how you feel everyday, contributing greatly to your quality of life. There are many factors that influence your mobility, but the big players are strength and flexibility.

By integrating flexibility, strength, stability, and cardiovascular conditioning our programs help you foster a deeper body awareness, maintain a consistent routine that you actually enjoy, and see continual progress week after week.  

Our mission is to help you build a body that moves more freely, is stronger and resilient to injury, and most importantly, a body that you feel confident in.

Recovery is the Special Ingredient

An example of healthy, clean, energizing nutrition

Recovery is the process of returning back to a healthy state after a challenging situation and it's often under prioritized. But it’s the secret sauce to getting stronger, leaner, improving health markers, and kicking ass in life. 

There are many things that influence recovery and nutrition is a big player, along with sleep and balancing stress. 


When needed, we help you create practices that nurture better quality sleep and find opportunities for rest spots during the day, so that you can put more energy into the things you love. 

We help you find a rhythm with your nutrition that is sustainable, allows you to achieve your weight goals, and ultimately helps you RECOVER from all of life's demands. 

Meet Your Coaches


Alex Trickel & Elise McFadden

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Book your free introductory session

During your introductory session we will explore your goals, prior training experience, medical history, current lifestyle factors that will impact your progress, and start to map out your plan. You’ll be able to ask as many questions about the process as you need to feel confident in the direction you’ll be heading. It’s a big ol’ jam session to figure out the best path for your fitness and well-being. 

What our clients say 

I've been working with Alex for a decade and have never considered stopping. She's informed! She's motivating! She's inspiring! It is clear that Alex is thoughtful when structuring my personal plans (for fitness, food and overall health). And maybe most importantly, she listens, she really listens to what I need at any given moment. We make plans together for my goals and I appreciate her willingness to listen and encourage me. Truly this carries over into many aspects of my life beyond physical fitness. Specifically related to fitness and health, we talk a lot about the reasons why I have the goals I have, we talk about how they can change. I love love love the specified workouts and the commitment to discussing overall health. 10 stars at least!

-A.M. Los Angeles, CA

I have been working with Alex for well over a year now and she is incredible! I have seen some amazing physical changes in my body but the best changes are with my mental health. Consistently moving my body has really helped improve my life overall!


One of the things I value so much about Alex is she will meet you where you are. Whether it's helping you do some rehab so you can run again (thanks achilles tendonitis), strengthen your hips and core to remove lower back pain (thanks sitting all day), or just adapting a session on the spot to meet you where your energy level is at (thanks life), she can do it all and with a smile. She also is super open to feedback on what is working and not and partners with you to build an exercise program (and lifestyle) that meets your goals and evolves as you need/want it to.


Highly, highly recommend working with Alex!

-S.J. Chicago, IL

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