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  Health in service of creativity
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Team Health

Education and tools to connect health to creativity, to help your team prevent burnout and increase the promise of better creative outcomes. 


Personal Training

Fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep, we address it all. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, it’s time to get in top condition.


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Remote Coaching

Remote coaching is the most flexible, cost-effective, and progressive way to reach your health and fitness goals.



"Loathing all forms of organized bullying and competition, sport was nothing but a drag for me as a child. I only started training 5 years ago and it completely changed me. I sleep better, I’m more focused, and overall I’m a lot healthier. "

-Loic Zimmermann, Film maker/

Creative Director

“ As a Senior Compositor, I have long days sitting at my desk. I make fitness a priority to help strengthen the muscles in my back and core  to help keep me from developing terrible posture. Along with Strength Training, cardio has become important to be since im sedentary most of the day. It helps relieve stress and keep my energy levels up.”


-Joe Censoplano, Senior Compositor

"Once I made working out a priority, it became clear how necessary exercise is to my ability to achieve a successful work life as a TV writer. Exercise helps me clear my mind, focus on what I need to accomplish, alleviate stress, and most importantly, sleep longer and better. Doing so refreshes and energizes me, giving me the clarity of mind to concentrate on the creative work that I need to get done."


-Allen MacDonald, TV Writer

"In order for me to be creative, I need my body to be able to move."


-Annabelle Frost, TV Director

"It never feels like there's any time for self care, but I do my job better when I make myself a priority." 

-Frederique Carroll, Production Coordinator 


"My brain is much sharper when my body is sharp too. Eating right, sleeping and being active are super important to my creative output and keeping engaged throughout the day."  

- Yego Moravia Executive Creative Director Stink Studios 

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