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Group Zoom workouts to challenge your body and brain for an afternoon energy boost. 

Vigorous movement lights a fire on every level of your brain. 


Specifically scheduled at the lunch hour and mid morning on the weekends, you’ll leave with an energy boost when it’s most needed. You will experience a combination of training principles in classes- strength training- mobility- cardiovascular conditioning- all designed to deeply challenge you!

The Schedule

Mon/Wed: Recorded Class ONLY 

*recordings will be released by 1pm PT

Fri: Live Class at 10am PT 

Classes are $7.50 per household 

Preferred equipment is a set of dumbbells, but we can work with what equipment you’ve got! 

Can't make it to our live class?

No stress! Each class registration also includes a recording that you can do in your own time. You will have viewing access for one week.

Check your email after registering!

Upon registering for a class, you will receive an email with the Zoom classroom link. Please email if you don't get your link.

Meet Your Instructor

Alex Trickel is a Los Angeles based fitness trainer and founder of Atvolve. She has been teaching in the wellness industry for over 10 years. Alex earned her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and Health and is a certified Personal Trainer, Trigger Point Therapist, Nutrition Specialist, and Running Coach. She focuses on coaching clients towards optimal life/work balance, stress management, healthy cooking, mindfulness, posture awareness, and habit change. 


Ages 20-70 all rockin' together in our classes! 

I started Atvolve's virtual group training classes mid pandemic. Honestly I didn't expect to find myself in a group training program, but Alex is so thoughtful about how she plans the workouts that you can definitely see your own strength and endurance progressing over time. Also as someone with a bum knee that bugs me from time to time, she's amazing at offering modifications without me even asking and without sacrificing the workout for the sake of the knee. Even as gyms are reopening and I'm fully vaccinated, I am sticking with these workouts as I can join live or catch the recording, and I have no excuse to skip them when they are at the top of my inbox!

-N.B. Los Angeles, CA 

Alex’s classes have brought a whole new motivation and excitement to working out for me. I have gained and maintained so much strength and muscle tone over the year I’ve been taking her classes- more than I did at the gym. My every-day-life movements feel more powered by strength and stability, it’s like I can execute bending over, lunging, carrying heavy grocery bags, with so much more efficiency and solidity. 

Alex has a wonderful way of breaking down the exercises so that all ability levels can get a great workout in. I love taking the live classes- it’s become such a positive and supportive community, I get excited to connect with Alex and all the amazing participants. When I can’t make it to the live class, I love being able to still get my workout in with the recordings. 

-M.K. Cedar Rapids, IA

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