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Initial Consultation

Your program starts with a 30 minute Skype consultation where we dive into the deep of your goals and experience, assess how your body moves, talk about nutrition, and set you up for a successful month.

Training Program

You will then receive your first month of workouts within 3 days and you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll from there!

Nutrition Plan

We will send you easy to follow nutrition guidelines and a delicious meal plan to follow that aligns with your food preferences.

Weekly Accountability & Extras

Each week, you will have the opportunity to check in with your coach with questions and concerns. You will also be able to read up on our latest newsletters and weekly shoutouts for ongoing tips to stay consistent with your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Tools for Pain Free Living

You will receive our Tools For Pain Free Living guide, full of foam rolling and stretching techniques. 

Email + In App Messenger Support

Your workouts will be scheduled on our training platform, so we will both be able to track your progress in multiple ways for accountability. Communication is made easy through the platform if questions pop up and once a week you will send a check-in email with a review of your week.

Monthly Review

At the end of each month, we will review your workout and nutrition logs, along with progress pictures. We will discuss the next month’s training plan to keep you moving forward with your goals.

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