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There’s a few things we’ve noticed after spending years working with artists, writers, producers, directors in Los Angeles on bettering their health and fitness. Here’s what the majority of ‘desked’ professionals all have in common:


Long stressful hours on the job, a lack of time for fitness with a start-stop-start again type of consistency, poor nutrition, pain and tension from being seated all day, and the need for a maintainable healthy lifestyle…


These are all small issues that, overtime, play a huge role in health and longevity. Let’s be real, sitting is the most dangerous thing we do, period. The average person sits between 6-8 hours per day at work alone, not to mention what happens after work and on the weekends.


We know that your profession is your passion; we will provide you with the best tools to help you improve your routine and navigate the path to enhanced wellness to continue doing what you love with even more vigor.


You will gain a convenient fitness routine, the education behind healthy eating, and a coach in your pocket pushing you each step of the way. Think of this as your concierge style coaching service; education, support, and accountability on your time, when you need it. Not to mention, you will lose fat, get stronger, be equipped to release tension, lower stress, sleep better, need we say more?


You don’t have to have a creative job to do our programs. If you are a professional stuck behind a desk all day, our programs are for you. If you just want to feel better, lose fat, and kick ass in life, our programs will work for you.


What are you waiting for?

Motivation For The Mind and Spirit

Full commitment to a goal is the key to success. We will help you stay mentally strong, focused and moving forward with positive motivation as well as work in mindfulness to keep stress at bay. A strong support system will be built focusing on your wellness from the inside out.


Fitness For Strength, Flexibility, and Performance

No two bodies function exactly alike and fitness levels vary, there is no one size fits all plan. We build training programs around current strength, flexibility, and performance capabilities to get you to your goals. We train using a combination of effective resistance, plyometric, calisthenic, high intensity, and stretching techniques to ensure optimal form and functionality.


Nutrition Education, Planning, and Accountability

We strive to provide the “why” behind the “what” on all components of training, but by far the most important why is nutrition. Nutrition education lies at the core of body transformation and success. Together, we will create custom meal guides to fit your busy lifestyle and ensure you are eating for optimal wellness.


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