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  • Your workouts will be scheduled into a calendar to help you stay organized with your fitness.

  • videos will be attached to each exercise to ensure you're getting the most out of each move as well as rest timers for maximum efficiency.

  • Your tracked workouts will be uploaded into charts and graphs to show you live progress.

  • You will upload progress photos and measurements to keep you motivated and moving forward.

  • Myfitnesspal, the nutrition tracking program syncs automatically to keep you on track with your calorie intake.

  • The messenger system within the platform will keep you connected to your trainer whenever you have questions.

Our training platform can be accessed on both the computer as well as through the personalized app to allow you to perform, track, and progress your fitness and nutrition when it’s convenient for you. Your workouts and nutrition guidelines will be uploaded and scheduled on a monthly basis to fit your lifestyle.

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