Why Phases

While it’s the day to day workouts that most people think of when they picture working with a coach, the real results don’t happen overnight, nor over the span of a few weeks. The cumulative effect of months of training produce the dramatic results.


One of the reasons many people fail to reach their goals is due to starting program after program and quitting before the lasting results happen. Just like yo-yo dieting, it doesn’t work. Consistency with your diet, mastering proper movement patterns and utilizing progressive overload in your workouts, practicing healthy habits in life, and sticking with it, is what works.


Our programs are designed in phases to ensure you are challenged as your body adapts and your capacity for more awesomeness grows. We believe training is a process, not a prescription. The first 3 phases happen over the course of 12 weeks and will be uniquely designed for your body and lifestyle laying the foundation for the future of your fitness.


And that’s just the beginning...

Atvolve is a holistic training philosophy that balances fitness and nutrition; designed to help the body evolve so the mind and everything else can follow. We have three different programs created to fit your unique environment, skill level, and goals.


Who is this For?
Ready to jump into a fitness program? Learn if our system is right for you.
Why Online?
Why is online training the way to go for your health goals? Click here for more.
The foundation to a healthy lifestyle starts with education. Our 12 Week Health Evolution Series has you covered.
Meet Your Trainer
Alex Trickel is a Los Angeles based personal trainer and online coach, learn more about her story here.
Find out which fitness plan is right for your goals.
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“If you can prove to yourself that you can physically evolve for the better, you open your mind to how the rest of your life can positively change too.”
Office Wellness
Corporate Wellness Program
Our program is designed to bring healthy solutions to your team for a happier, more productive workplace.
Remote Coaching
Online Training Program
Online training is the most flexible, cost-effective, and progressive way to reach your health and fitness goals.
1-on-1 Coaching
1-on-1 Personal Training Program
Fitness, nutrition, stress, sleep, we address it all. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, it’s time to get strong, fit, and feelin’ fine.
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Team Event Training Package

Set fitness goals and smash them with your team. Marathons, 5ks, 10ks, obstacle course races, stair climb challenges, you pick it, we create the training program to get there.  




Meditative Stretching Package

We blend meditation, stretching, and foam rolling to inhale a less stressful environment. 



Office Fitness Package

A company that sweats til they’re ugly together, stays together. We bring physical activity to your office with bootcamps, strength, and cardio conditioning.



Individual Health Coaching Package

Improve health behaviors with one-on-one fitness and habit based nutrition coaching.


Long and 


Health Education Workshop Package

Engage your employees in health with a variety of empowering workshops covering topics such as nutrition, stress reduction, healthier sleep patterns, and meditation.

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